4 Common Snoring Myths Busted!

There are several different ideas out there about the implications of snoring. Unfortunately, many of these ideas aren’t entirely true. We’re busting some of the most common snoring myths and bringing you the true, proven facts about snoring.

Myth 1: Only men snore

This myth has some truth to it in that men are almost twice as likely to snore than women. However, as you get older, the playing field starts to level out, and you’ll find almost as many female snorers as male.

Myth 2: Snoring is an ‘old people’ problem

This one couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, 30% of people aged 30 - 60 snore and approximately 6% of all children snore. As we age, we are certainly more prone to snoring, but research has shown that snoring affects people of all ages.

Myth 3: Snoring means you’re overweight

Yes, weight is certainly a factor when it comes to snoring, but just because you snore, doesn’t mean you’re overweight. There are a host of reasons why people snore from severe sleep apnea to the shape of your jaw. And although being heavier makes you more prone to snoring, it is by no means the only factor at play.

Myth 4: Snoring isn’t a significant issue

This just might be the biggest myth of all. Many people look at snoring as a nuisance or an embarrassment at best, but don’t consider it a significant issue. If you or someone you know snores, there are many reasons why you shouldn't ignore this issue. Snoring is in many cases a symptom of a more extreme health problem. Not only that, but snoring can also lead to severe health issues down the road.

Snoring is a shockingly common issue faced by people of all demographics from all over the world. It is also an issue that people often fail to take seriously, leaving many at risk for more severe illnesses. If you snore, consider testing some anti-snore solutions to see what works best for you.