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Snore Micro

This product works well. The only thing is that the part you put in your nostrils has really hard ridges and started making my nose raw. they need silicon slippers or something.
Thank you.


Feel more rested


This product is great.


It works great but keeps falling out could do with elastic round the head to keep it in

So far so good

I’ve worn it for a week now and my husband says it’s working. It took a couple of nights for me to get used to it, but it’s second nature now.

This helped me

While it isn't a perfect solution in my case, it does help. My wife and daughter both agree that my snoring is less often and quieter when I use this device. It took a couple of days to get used to the feel.


A bit strange at first, which is understandable, but you get used to devise, easy to use!!! Cuts the snoring which makes life happier for one & all!!! A big “Thank You” to one & all!!! 😀👍👌 Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!!!

Happy Wife

So far this device is working great. I do knock it out sometimes but besides that it is great.

think it improves my sleep quality

but keeps falling out in the night. Maybe I am just not a very quiet sleeper but has also only been a few nights


My spouse says I snore more quietly when using it. I do sleep better


Like it so far..... still trying it out.

Quiet time

Keeping with the upcoming holiday I finally had a silent night. My husband loves this product because it keeps me quiet at night time that is. LOL

Breathing Great!

It helps my breathing so much I may wear it sometimes during the day! So far at night it's fallen out before morning and early this morning I took it off- think because I was stuffy and it wasn't feeling good. Not sure on how it's helped with the snoring yet, but my breathing through nose is excellent! I've always been a mouth breather, so working on retraining myself.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Got them yesterday for my husband. I slept through the night without being awakened by the bear.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Where is it

Still waiting for it to arrive

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Sleeprite antisnoring device

My wife said she do not hear me snore anymore.Myself find it works biy still need time to get used to it.


I have had this snore device for about three weeks now. I’m still trying to get the device to stay in my nose all night! Having said that when the device is in my nostrils it does make a big difference to the loudness of my snoring! This is of course making life much easier!! Thank you

It really works

It didn't take long to get use to and I am getting a good nights rest. My wife is too.

Sleep Rite

So far I like it. Comfortable, easy to use and clean. It’s helping!

My fiance loves it!

Although i still occasionally snore with the device in, it seems to open my nostrils and control a good amount of the problem.

It works

Quick to get used to.

The snoring is minimized

This seems to minimize the snoring. Takes a couple of nights to get used to it.