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SnoreMicro™ Micro Anti Snore Device

SnoreMicro™ Micro Anti Snore Device

SnoreMicro™ Micro Anti Snore Device

SnoreMicro™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Love it

Has really helped my snoring

SnoreMicro™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Love it

It was an adjustment while sleeping but once I was comfortable with it all was good. It does help a lot

Snore no more

I have been very happy with the nose devise. I use a sleep cycle app and my snore time has decreased to the snore time of 0 & 1 minute (my last 2 nights) My first night the device did come out or my nose,

Great product

Easy to use..has helped my snoring less..

So far so good.

I think it helps. Of course I’m sleep but my husband says I don’t snore as bad just a little snort the fist time I used it. I don’t have a sore throat, dry mouth, or headaches when I wake up now. Not sure if the snoring had everything to do with those symptoms but I think it had something to do with them. It’s pretty comfortable. Only once so far I’ve awaken and it had come out sitting beside my pillow.

Wife Says Loud Snoring Gone

I find it comfortable and it was affordable. My wife is happy and does not send me to sleep on the couch.

The snoring stopped

The design of the device is simple, but effective. The snoring stopped and I feel more rested in the morning. The only negative was the shipping. I paid for expedited delivery and it took 10 days.

Works off and on but I can now sleep 70-75% better and longer.

Happy Sleeper

So far so good. After three nights and no snoring I’m definitely happy with SnoreMicro so far. While the device feels a bit weird at first, after only three nights I barely notice I have it on. 👍👍

So far so good!!

It seems working. Of course I just bought it and need to try longer however so far so good.

Sleep improvement

Its very helpful and have improved my sleep many folds

Stops the wife from snoring.

So far so good

Love it!

This product helps open my nasal airways very nicely. Thanks for a great product!

Snore Micro

This product works well. The only thing is that the part you put in your nostrils has really hard ridges and started making my nose raw. they need silicon slippers or something.
Thank you.


This product is great.


It works great but keeps falling out could do with elastic round the head to keep it in